Legislative Action Network.

tips and assistance

Advocating for the University of Minnesota is rewarding and exciting. It requires nothing more than good will towards the University, and the willingness to share that feeling.

Elected officials count on their constituents to let them know what is important in their communities. Communicating and building relationships with your elected officials is a proactive way to influence the legislative process and to promote the University of Minnesota.

Communications with elected officials will accomplish three goals: you will engage them, educate them about the issue, and enlist them in your cause. Here are some tips to help make that happen.

Letter or email

Phone calls

Keep in mind phone calls are often answered by staff members or aides.

Ask to speak with the legislative aide who handles your issue. If they are not available, you may leave a message. If you speak with someone other than your elected official, take down their name and title.

Meeting in person

To request a meeting, call the office of the elected official. State that you are a constituent, give several dates and times you are available, and indicate what you want to discuss.

Restate your understanding of their position to reiterate any support they may have expressed for your issue or cause. Answer any questions they had that you did not get to address in person. If the meeting outcome was inconclusive, this is your opportunity to address the issue again.

Letter to the editor

A thoughtful, well written letter to the editor can sway public opinion and influence decision makers.