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information for Faculty

Faculty are the lifeblood of the University of Minnesota. You create and share. You teach and inspire. You chose to work here and live in this state. You play a leading role in making Minnesota a great place to live. And you know the full reach of the U, from teaching and research, to outreach that extends to all 87 Minnesota counties.

Common Misperceptions About the U

Myth: The U's graduation rates are way below those of peer institutions.

Fact: The Twin Cities graduation rates are higher than many other public Big Ten schools, and are competitive among our peer group, which includes the very best public research universities in the country. The graduation rate story is similar for our coordinate campuses; in particular, Morris' 67% six-year rate is competitive with several elite schools.

Myth: The U is too big and inefficient.

Fact: The University operates efficiently and constantly seeks creative ways to deliver excellence with fewer resources.

Myth: Faculty don't teach. They just focus on their research.

Fact: Faculty teach, and do much more. They teach courses like our Freshman Seminars, designed to enhance the first-year experience and limited to 20 students. Faculty also advise undergraduate students outside of class. And mentor graduate students. And provide leadership to their academic units. And serve on committees or other governance groups. And lend their expertise to serve the state. And yes, conduct outstanding research and then bring their passion for their fields and excitement over new discoveries into the classroom.