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Legislative Advocacy

Minnesota Student Legislative Coalition

Formed by student leaders from all five University of Minnesota campuses and endorsed by the administration, the Minnesota Student Legislative Coalition (MSLC) creates a united and effective student presence in the legislative process at the Capitol in St. Paul and in Washington, D.C.

The mission of the MSLC reads: “To accurately and fairly reflect the voices of the students of the University of Minnesota in government.”

All students at the University are encouraged to take part in the MSLC’s advocacy efforts.
The coalition is governed by 12 students from across the U of M system, with two members from each of the five campuses, a graduate student, and a non-voting member elected by the 11 other members.

In addition to the systemwide MSLC, student governments at each of the five campuses have a legislative advocacy group that works with and helps promote the MSLC’s efforts.

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View the endorsement by the U of M.

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